My writing has appeared in Huffington Post, Thrive Global, Seaside Magazine, Popular Archaeology, Bustle, Thought Catalog, and other publications.

Selected Works

Crossing The Finish Line: TC10K RunSport Training Clinics, Seaside Magazine, Feb 2018 (print, online)

10 Reasons To Start Your Day Outside, Thrive Global, Sept 2017 (online)

Off To School: The Great Scholarship Search, Seaside Magazine, Aug 2017 (print, online)

7 Instant Ways To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint, Huffington Post, June 2017 (online)

Island Adventures: Hiking the Coast at East Sooke Park, Seaside Magazine, May 2017 (print, online)

Bluefish Caves: The Oldest Known First Americans, Popular Archaeology, Spring 2017 (online)

Island Adventures: Wildlife & Historic Sites at Esquimalt Lagoon, Seaside Magazine, March 2017 (print, online)

5 Signs It May Be Time To Quit Your Job, Thrive Global, Feb 2017 (online)

Island Adventures: Winter Revitalization at Cattle Point, Seaside Magazine, Jan 2017 (print, online)

Why You Need To Focus On Simple Pleasures This Holiday Season, Thrive Global, Dec 2016 (online)

Island Adventures: Peace & Quiet at Gowlland Tod Park, Seaside Magazine, Nov 2016 (print, online)

8 Signs Eloping Could Be Right For You, Huffington Post, Sept 2016 (online)

Sterkfontein: A History of Evolution in the Cradle of Humanity, Popular Archaeology, Fall 2016 (online)

Island Adventures: Sun & Sand at Island View, Seaside Magazine, Sept 2016 (print, online)

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