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Pay attention. Be astonished. Tell about it. —Mary Oliver

Grain Magazine

46.2 Sustenance issue, Winter 2019

Poem: Birds and Fish (iii)

Excerpt: kelp, / once edible, the whip-and-ribbon / giants, become poisonous plants…

Sheila-Na-Gig online

Volume 3.2, Winter 2018

Poems: Warning, The Road To Nelson

Excerpt: this is the first / sign that danger is coming: dry, / nothing will grow…

We stamp our feet / down to the river, tired, / elsewhere flooding its banks…


No. 2-3, Fall 2018 / Winter 2019

Extra Credit

Excerpt: When a trust is breached, it doesn’t break or bleed, like a body…

Barzakh Magazine

Issue 10, Spring 2018

Poem: Site C

Excerpt: The season is ours— / it’s time for bodies / to breathe.

Eastern Iowa Review

Issue 6, 2018

Poems: Piñon Crackles, Nowhere But Here, Ghost Ranch And Beyond

Excerpt: …how you can miss, be homesick for, a place you’ve just discovered.

What People Are Saying

So many lines [have] worked their way deep into my marrow. —Eanlai Cronin, Writer

Your poetry has heart… and teeth. —Cynthia Bruckman, Writer

We’re thrilled that your work is included [in this issue]. —Nicole Haldoupis, Editor, Grain Magazine

I really love [these] pieces… —Chila Woychik, Editor, Eastern Iowa Review

An astute observation of botanical anthropomorphism and nature in the shape of humans. —Intima: A Journal of Narrative Medicine