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Jesse Holth

Hi! My name is Jesse. I'm here to help you craft words into something beautiful.

I create marketing and promotional content for brands and organizations, provide ghost writing for busy professionals, and proofreading and copyediting for publishers, authors, and corporations.

My writing has been featured on blogs, websites, magazines and other publications. I have copyedited and proofread books, designed and managed websites, and organized social media campaigns.

What can I help you with?

  • proofreading
  • copyediting, editing
  • non-fiction articles
  • ghost writing
  • copywriting
  • blogging
  • research, fact-checking
  • marketing collateral
  • website management
  • social media engagement
  • digital asset management
  • Squarespace and WordPress tutorials
  • writing coaching (book a free consultation!)
  • more... just ask!


Harness the power of words... To make something beautiful!